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Central vacuums is our business - our only business.  If it has to do with central vacuums - we can do it.  Not only from the planning and lay-out process to the installation; but, we'll still be around to service your system or repair it for years down the road.  We offer free estimates (see our Contact Us page for more information.)  And, we offer training and helpful hints after the installation of your brand-new central vacuum system to help you even further in the cleaning of your beautiful home.  Central vacuum systems offer a convenience in cleaning modern day homes like no other innovation, offering today's families more leisure time, and time with family.  Clean.  Easy.  Elegant.  Convenient.  Effortless.  Fast.  Quick-Clean.  You want a clean house!

There are several pet friendly attachments available for use with your central vacuum system.  The attachments are specially designed with a bleeder valve to lessen the suction used; they massage and groom your pet with less noise, which all makes it very pet-friendly.  Also, there are attachments available to clean pet hair from furniture and upholstery.  And, best of all - there's NO MESS!!!

Sweep away symptoms:  It is recommended, that if there is carpeting or an area rug in your child's room, to use a cyclonic vacuum or a vacuum with a HEPA filter regularly.  And, to keep kids with allergies and asthma out of freshly vacuumed
areas for two hours - the amount of time it takes for dust stirred up by vacuuming to settle back down.  Sweeping with a broom and dust pan is even worse.  But, with a built-in central vacuum system, dirt and allergens are carried out of the house through pipes in the walls and attic, out to the unit in the garage - eliminating them
from the air in the house that you and your family breathe, making a central vacuum system the better choice for cleaning your home.

Deter dust mites:  Did you know that sheets, mattresses and pillows are a breeding ground for dust mites, which can cause year-round watery eyes and
runny noses.  Washing sheets and pillow cases, even pillows, regularly helps, but what do you do about that mattress?  Have you heard the mattress commercials that proclaim that if your mattress is over 8 years old, it's time to replace?  Another
way to decrease allergens in the home, is to regularly vacuum your mattresses.  Using a central vacuum with all of it's accompanying accessories is an ideal way to help keep your home healthy. add a Central Vac System to your construction plans.

It’s easier than you think and it’s a smart investment for your home and family. In fact,
government reports say it’ll increase the value of your home up to $2,600.

Maybe it’s time to replace that old portable anyway. Come to think of it, lugging the old beast
from room to room is a bit old fashioned. In today’s world, the portable has become
inconvenient and cumbersome.  You’re not even sure it shares your zest for a dirt-free

At Hughes Central Vacuum Concepts, we believe falling in love with your vacuum is better
the second time around. You’ll marvel at a Central Vac’s power, convenience, and value. A
new love also means a healthier relationship. And a Central Vac helps clear the air by improving the indoor air quality throughout your home.

During construction, we’ll work with your contractors to stay seamlessly on schedule.
(Usually a day’s work with very little mess). And once you experience the convenience of the Central Vac and its performance – up to three to
five times more power than a portable – you’ll wonder why you waited this long for the new love of your life.  The bottom line: a Central Vac increases the value and improves the living
environment of your home.

So ditch that old portable and call Hughes Central Vacuum Concepts. We’ll set you up
with something special.

(817) 228-4773

Are you looking for ways to create a cleaner, healthier home
environment? You're not alone - a recent survey conducted
by Professional Builder Magazine found that 66% of today's home buyers want specific features that make their homes healthier.

A very important aspect of your home is the quality of the air
you breathe. Indoor air pollutants like animal dander, dust mites, mold and pollen are a common cause of allergic
conditions and other health problems. Using the right
vacuum cleaner can significantly reduce your exposure to
these airborne particles.

Anyone who has used a portable vacuum recognizes the
characteristic odor it produces after just a few minutes of
use. That smell is created by the dirt and dust that the vacuum is recirculating into the air - dirt that contains bacteria, molds and other airborne particles.

Only Built-In Central Vacuums feature a process that
promotes cleaning efficiency and prevents recirculation of
dust, dirt, and odors in the home. By eliminating the
recirculated dirt, central vacuums make the air in your
home cleaner and healthier to breathe.

The versatile and convenient systems clean everything
from blinds and drapes to upholstery and hard surface
flooring! A wide range of optional accessories is available
from Hughes Central Vacuum Concepts.

Hughes Central Vacuum Concepts carries the complete
Vacuflo®, Beam®, Proline® and other central vacuum lines
in stock.  Please Call For Our Low Prices and Complete Details
(817) 228-4773

We offer Systems, Parts, Service, and Professional Planning Advice

Most products may be purchased and shipped anywhere in the USA

Home should be the healthiest environment of all
Now's the time...
Make your child's room an allergy-free zone
Use your Central Vacuum for Pet Grooming

We are only a phone call away

​for a price estimation
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