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Dallas Hughes, owner of Hughes Central Vacuums

Who We Are

Hughes Central Vacuums is a certified dealer / distributor for several brands of central
vacuum brands including
Beam® Central Vacuum
Systems, Pro-Line,
CycloVac, and Vacuflo®
Built-in Central Vacuum
Systems. We have been a
family run business since
1995, installing in, and
servicing the north central
area of Texas directly. We
ship parts and accessories
and personally install
systems in several areas of
the state.

Our Business

The versatile and convenient central vacuum
system cleans not only your carpets and hard
surface flooring, but also everything from
blinds and drapes to upholstery and patios,
garages, your car...even your pet!  A wide
range of optional accessories are also

Hughes Central Vacuums carries the complete
Vacuflo®, Beam®, Proline® and other central
vacuum lines in stock.
Please Call For Our Low Prices and Complete
Details - (817) 228-4773

We offer Systems, Parts, Service, and
Professional Planning Advice.

Most products may be purchased and shipped
anywhere in the USA.

And, we service the entire Dallas/Ft Worth
Metrolplex...and more.

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